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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Que sera, sera.

I lost my mother at dawn December 16th 2010. She was a Scorpio, a brunet, a lady who'd play Duke Brothers with the local popo and a lady who'd take in stray kittens and kids. She'd fought cancer for over 6 years and her body just finally gave out. Her mind was sharp as all hell all the way.

She fought hard that night, refused the morphine, and even said she didn't want to go when my brother broke down. She hung on till he was more ready... if such a thing could be said. Finally, very late that night when all was quiet she said "OK, I'm ready now" clearly without the slurring that had stolen her voice earlier. Those were her last words. As the sun rose she was gone.

And she was smiling.

And here is some mom music for everyone. Stuff she liked. Stuff she played and listened too. You get the idea.

Bobby McGee
She used to play this. It is making me cry to hear this.

Freaker's Ball

She had this album (and others very much like it on vinyl) and we'd play it as kids and ask her what it was all about and she'd just laugh and say we'd find out. My mom was a damned hippie. 

These are others she had too.

That first picture of the bridge. She took one just like that the first time she took me there when I was tiny to see family.

Love ya mom. Come visit sometime.