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Friday, February 25, 2011

Blackberry Bag and a Cute Cat

I'm constantly dropping my phone in my purse with lots of pointy things.. stuff like knitting needles, keys, random twist ties, shiny rocks (just don't ask) and other bits and bobbles. A long while ago I'd made a little knitted lace bag for my camera. I figured why not toss one together for my Crackberry? (really, smart phones are crack imagine if you've never had one what it would be like to have a teeny tiny little computer in your pocket. Imagine...your favorite crap you do at home on the 'puter you can do waiting in line at the store.)

Zarathustra inspects the contents of my poor abused Coach (thrift store, 7 dollars). And I don't smoke but you never know when you'll be stranded somewhere and would freeze to death but hey, you can make FIRE!
And here is how I made it. :)
About a half skein of Suger'n Cream Twists in 'Vintage'
set of 5 US5 DPNs
Two pleasing beads to go on drawstring

You'll be working this bottom up. Using Turkish Cast On, cast on 6 stitches. Knit front/back in each stitch to create a total of 12. Arrange stitches equally over 4 needles (3 on each).
Increase as follows: Knit to last stitch on each needle. Knit it front and back. Repeat that for 6 rows, total of 32 sts. Knit two rows, and repeat increase stitches once for 36 total.
Knit all for five rows. Now for the Chart!
I just did this on one side and repeated it twice. I just wanted a little decoration, not a theme. Do as you like. This is what I did though. After repeating the chart twice, knitting uncharted back stitches, I knit five more rows. My Precious now fit quite well. Almost done, which was nice because I knit this thing tight.

Then I did the rows with holes to run the cords through.
1. K2tog, yarn over, knit two* repeat for row
2. knit all.
3. Knit two, yarn over, knit two together*repeat for row
4. knit all.
5. knit all
You can bind off at this point. Run a section of yarn or icord through the yarn over holes. Add the glass beads to the ends of the yarn, and tie them off. Keep your baby safer in your purse.. or fill the bag up with dice or condoms or shiny rocks. Your choice.

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