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Friday, February 18, 2011

I've got a new pattern. A Nasturtium for your books.

The Zar Kitten approves.

Half the proceeds from sales will go to a breast cancer group. As soon as I can find one that isn't doing crap like suing people over silly crap that is. And it is plenty inexpensive... just a buck fifty!

Nasturtiums are vine growing, prolifically flowering plants that are easy to grow and will reward little effort with masses of white, orange and red flowers. They are also edible and make a nice spicy addition to a summer salad.
I miss the summer you see, I'm tired of looking at dark skies and the dreary greys and browns of the Northeast winter. I want my summer back. I'm ready to flop myself under a shady tree by some lovely flowers and read a good book in the afternoon heat.

I can't have all that warm and outside yet, but I can have my flowers. I hope you like them.


  1. I love the vine/flower design on the bag. Good for keeping all sorts of things!

  2. Hehe, this is actually a bookmark... but if you stitched up the sides it would make a cute little baggy. :)