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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Ipod Excuse

I'm a plump sort and I'm pretty ok with that. But, I don't like to be unhealthy... even so. And after watching my mother unable to move from her weakness due to her illness and compounded with being very out of shape..and heavy.. I do want to get back into shape. I do, I really do. It was cancer that killed her. I do believe that her lack of physical strength sapped her will. And, I do believe this helped speed the end for her. I hated having to see someone I really loved go through that utter weakness and do not want my loved ones seeing that happen to me if I can help it. 

Thanks to freecycle I've got a comfy reclining bike that works really well.. even if I cannot adjust the tension on the roller after my three (now four! Old Kid!) nephew made it go *pinkpink* the first time he over-wound it... and a few light weights and stretch bands. And I have been using them pretty regular since I got them too.

For some time I've put off the serious walking/jogging for three reasons beyond my lack of a good sports-bra and shoes.

One. It's still cold out.
Two. I don't have a case that will keep the rat-cage Ipod from wacking around and yanking the earbuds out of my ears.. because I went with earbuds instead of headphones for once. (Still not sure I like them. But.. they are purple..!.)
Three. All my good upbeat techno type music is on a machine I can't start up since it needs a part.

I walk my dog almost every day, just around the block or three as long as it isn't too cold. That's about 20 or so minutes. And I like to hop on the bike for a half hour at least three times a week. But, it is hard. It gets dull. I very often listen to audio books when walking and I've tried to do the same with faster workouts.

But it doesn't work. I loose momentum unless I pay a bit of attention there. I start cycling at the rhythm of the spoken word and that is far slower then I'd like. But then I found this (with the help of rav peoples and google). PodRunner.  And it is free! (I did have to tweak my highly restrictive web security settings but Avast didn't make a meep about it afterward.)

If you have iTunes, there is even a free version of  'couch to 5k' from these guys you can get. I haven't tried it yet...but I'm hopeful! Check reason number Three!

So, my number One... it will be in the 50s/60s this week!
My number Two. I fixed that.
This is the back of the piece.
Here is how:

About 40 yards of one color WW yarn and about 20 of a second.
Set of 5 sized 5 US DPNs (or whatever you like for working in the round).
Crochet hook about 4.5 mm in size (smaller then a sz 5 needle)
2 pretty beads. (optional)

This is a great pattern to learn two handed stranding. Check out this KnitPicks video to see what I mean.

Note: I have the older model of Nano. It's the longer and thin type instead of those little squares. So, this should fit 5th, 4th, 2nd and 1st gen models. I checked with my 1st and 4th and it fits just fine.

I have this simple little chart to illustrate the decorative stuffs. It's a quick and dirty little pattern for a REALLY easy little sack.

So, cast on 24 stitches with your main color. Join without twisting..
Work two rows.
Work Part 1 of the chart. You may have to skip the last YO/k2tog pair to give your sack the proper number of holes to run the cord through. Just don't sweat it if this happens. It looks fine when done.
Work 5 rows in Main Color. Work Part 2 of the chart.. the first colorwork here!
Work 7 more rows and then work Part 3 of the chart. Repeat it two more times total for a total of three chart repeats.
Work 5 more rows.
You can then kitchener stitch it closed. But I HATE kitchener so I do this instead. Turn the piece inside out and arrange the stitches on two needle equally in such a way you have a front and back. Use a crochet hook to crochet bind-off through both loops at once as if they were a single loop. Turn work right side out and the bottom looks kitchenered.

Use a 4 stitch icord to make the cord. Just stick it though the fabric in the back and fasten it securely. Don't break the yarn to do so! A crochet chain with beads on the end make a nice pull cord.

Now go do something. I'm gonna.*
(Please excuse dopey picture of me. I'm not a fashionista!)
*No running.. not yet.. I need a real sportbra for the girls and the right sneaks.. but lots more walking till then!