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Monday, August 22, 2011

I Need more Fuchsia in my Life.

You read right. More fuchsia. More of that bright and annoying color that takes it's name from a rather fussy and hard to keep alive flowering plant. I used to have one. Darn thing dropped dead flowers everywhere, demanded a cool but sunny spot and threw fits if I forgot to water it regularly.

But, the flowers. Each was a little reminded that all in life is not dull, death and loss. They were so bright that I was asked from time to time if the plant was fake. I loved that little plant. I unfortunately lost it when my basement warmed up a bit too much and the little guy came out of hibernation and died from lack of light and water before I realized what had happened. Now have several years pass, and now you have today. I had forgotten my little plant of happy, fussy flowers.

Then I went thrifting. I was kind of looking for a new summer dress or two; it's been hot here (very hot!!) and when It's hot I favor loose, flowy cotton/silk/good rayon dresses simply because a single item of clothing is just more comfy and more cool.

Dress of color!

And this dress is all of that. Bright, cheerful, and cool and comfy. The colors made me very happy. But, can't wear it outside of the warmest part of the year.

So I made this:

Wee little dice bag of Fuchsia!!

There really is no pattern to speak of, if you wish a bright bag of your own. It's just half double crocheting into a chain to create a little pocket (like my simple nook sack) and then working your way up. And I really didn't take any notes... it is that easy.

The recipe for A Fuchsia Bright Bag.

Three basic stitches. (American)
Double Crochet
Half-Double Crochet
3 stitch Picot Crochet Edge
Plymoth Yarn Sockotta in plum, about 100 yards.

The hook was an E.
One bead with a big enough hole for a few strands of the yarn. 

I did an even number of stitches around, I believe it was 24.
I did do one row of crochet into back loop for two stitches, crochet into front loop for two stitches, work two rows plain hdc. Do a second row of back/front fun. It gives a bit of texture to a very plain stitched bag.
The cord row is worked as: double crochet one, next stitch worked as a chain one, repeat.
The cord is real crochet I-cord. This is the easiest way to make the stuff.I used 3 stitch, as in video.
Work a row or two more of hdc. Get to a corner of the bag (I prefer the slightly lower edge) and begin to work 3 st picot.
Run your icord through the holes in such a way as the tails end up both on the outside.
I rammed the ends of the cord into a camel bone bead and knotted it.
Fill with dice or other little fun thingies.
You can see the detail the front/back post rows add to the little bag. In a quieter yarn they'd be nice worked all through the body.
I decided I needed still more fuchsia fun in my life... so I picked up some fuchsia (and yellow for the base) nail polish. That may be too much fuchsia for sane people though. It may be too much for me... but I won't decide that till February when everything is dead and grey and covered in ice.

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