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Friday, April 20, 2012

What I found and what I did to it.

Whilst out thrifting (looking for the fabled fake satin nightgowns they don't make anymore for my gram) I found a treasure trove of silk.

This was one of the things.
A bit old fashioned, no?
It's a large heavy silk scarf. Because of where I am it is most likely someone's old hijab scarf. It's hand rolled, in great new shape...but a bit 'old' for me.

So I made it purple. Two packs of cherry koolaide and two packs of grape and a slow boil in a glass pot.

Mmmm smells yummy.
The new color makes it much more acceptable print-wise.
The color suits me.
Cream with print is old lady. But purple with print is retro and is thus good. I am much pleased. Not bad for two bucks, eh?

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