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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Education is in Great Shape

I found this song both beautiful and moving.

It actually made me angry to hear the lyrics. There is such a disjointed feeling between what I know to be true and what the words paint as true to be jarring to anyone with any kind of decent education. And yet in Texas very recently they have rewritten the history they will be teaching the kiddies.
It may as well be an accurate account of what some persons would choose to have the kids learn... wonderful things like the Confederate president is as worthy of note as Lincoln; Reagan was Even More Awesome(TM) and that all Founding Fathers were Christian...oh, and McCarthyism had a point.. the commies were there after all. Just bloody wonderful.

Lyrics here just in case.

Then, you have this. I graduated HS in 98. I remember kindergarten as mostly being all about the gluing of paper together, playing with letter blocks and learning to write "My name is >>>>" and other stuff...oh, and learning about stranger-danger and stuffs.

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