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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Crisis Garden

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I now have the fear. I need a Crisis Garden!!!!! I can do this.

One starts with a worm bin. A worm bin can be something as grand as this 100 dollar deal or as simple as my old large ice cream bucket and lid. (Ice cream bucket was from some cheapo ice cream we get in bulk 5 gallon pails for the manbeast to feed his lust for all things sweet. And yet, he's the skinny one!)

For a bucket like mine you punch it full of holes for air exchange and drainage..making sure the holes aren't so big the worms can escape. I also have a plastic 'root saver' (one of those plastic things they stick in the bottoms of pots to give the soil and roots a small air space over the bottom of the pot) to keep my mulch off the bottom of the pot. Gives wormies more air flow.
One adds some sort of dampened bedding (mine's old spag moss from orchid re-pots and newspaper) and old food/peelings/egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds... basically organic food garbage. I was feeding mine this this round:
That's eldery rice and even more elderly curry. I have a small bin because me and the manbeast do not create much food waste. This is it for the last month outside of tea bags and potato peels.. those I didn't bother with a picture!

Anyways, scoop out the ready to use compost. It'll be the decomposed non-identifiable non-smelly brown gunk in the bin. Add it to a soil mix in your pot. Add fresh damp newspaper over the pile of the gross food bits in a section of the bin. Replace lid. Replace bin under kitchen sink. (yes, that is where I keep mine. No, you can't smell it.)
Oh, I got my worms at Petco. I just asked for 'red wigglers'. They sell them as turtle food. The number they give you is just about right for a little bin like mine. They ran me 3-4 dollars. Bait stores will also carry them and probably for less dough.
More worm info?

Now we are here.
I used an old knife to 'chop' the compost material into the potting soil mix. It's some peat potting soil blend... anyways, wet fully while gently chopping the two soils together. If you find a stray worm or worm egg (look like tiny clear marbles) throw it back into the worm bin.

Now for my crisis veggies!!!! I LOVE me some garlic and onions! But, I always end up with slightly more lively individuals then I want to eat.
Little bastards. Trying to grow green parts and roots and all. You'd think they didn't want to be food! Anyways... dig holes in the container and shove them in. Cover up the bulb parts. Water well and stick outside (if the freeze-time is over) or in a nice sunny window.
Gloat that you just saved over 149 dollars and still have a 'crisis garden' any sane person can enjoy. Next time I'll share my yummy potato soup method. I promise the pictures will be more appetizing! :)

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