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Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Summer's Heat.. cooking me. First it was over 90 for a week straight outside.. my apartment averaged 96 to 98. Now, the humidity is hovering around 100%. I'm guessing the earth has decided that simply baking us to death is not good enough. We must be steamed to release the proper flavour.

Anyways, I have barely been able to stand touching any crafty thing almost all month. No drawing, no painting, very little sewing and almost no knitting or crocheting. I'll start and then the heat just wears me out or the idea of touching heat trapping yarn or cloth or smudgy messy things that will then require me to clean atop of making the artz.. just no. Dog and I have spent so much time outside swimming and hiking slowly around that this whitest of white girls has a tan. In my search to keep my cats from cooking in their fur they have grown used to cool water dunks. Funny how weird things like that can happen.

So, enjoy this lovely sunset. Two angles, same sunset, 15 minutes apart.

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