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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HOW TO: Sew up some Square Pads! (Part 2)

Still with me? Good! Part Two!

Halloween snow!

I made two other kinds of pads to go with my six square pads. 

First. The light days pads. These are very simply two pieces of fabric cut out from a pattern and then neatly sewn together. You will want to make a pattern.

 Get some paper..and a straight edge.. OK? Measure a rectangle 7 inches long by two inches wide. Find the center of the two inch spot. Do you see how I basically drew lines out from those points to make the flaps? I made sure each flap would be two inches at its widest point from the center piece. Then, I added a 1/4 inch seam allowance. You can add a wider one if you wish.

Make two of these for each light pad.
Then you just pin and sew up. Use the same straight stitch and zig zag/serge to secure the edges. Trim. Stitch up and down the pad and add snaps.

The stuffers... These are inserts for the squares. YES, I hate inserts. But these are OK. They are optional.. and you only have to use them when you need some extra protection.
This is where those socks come in. Mine were cotton. Cotton is probably the best kind of sock to use! Snip socks in half like so:
One of these had a hole in it.
And then wrap said sock toe like this:
Night, night socky!
And then stitch the thing shut. Be sure to sew the middle closed too.
I was fancy and sewed on the round.
The big fat Mondo Pad was made in much the same way.. but with the legs of the socks. So, it was FATTER! It also is slower to dry. The rest of this stuff air dries after washing in no time.As for the 'rough' edges. They really don't fray. The combo of zig zag over straight seams gives you a good solid edge.

As for Mr. Sack. It's just a simple bag. If you wish to embroider a moon on yours do so before you sew it shut. My machine has a fancy setting for this.. but I just adjusted the stitch setting to make the stitches really close.. and went slow. I then flipped the top edge (for a cord) and pinned in my lining. I used a fancy stitch to attach it and close the top for a cord. Then, while it was inside out, I sewed it shut. I wasn't too worried about making the inside too nice. The fabric I use gave me a bag that's roughly 10-11 inches wide by 13 inches long. Everything fits nicely inside.
And room left over for a few pairs of granny-panties!
And that's all folks!

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