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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Friday the 13th Good Luck Charm

My sister has been feeling a mite haunted lately. Her son (and another small boy) have had seriously bad nightmares or perhaps.. are actually sensing something.

Weather or not you believe it is ghosts, the products of our own psyche, the devil in red tights, a demon from beyond or any other thing is immaterial. Something is bothering them. And so, like any big sister I set out to help a little if I could.

And, I like runes. So I made her this:
Algiz, the Rune of Protection.
Now you may be thinking.. but that is not KNITTING!!!! Well of course it isn't, you cute twit. It is loom woven beadwork. I have this 8 dollar kid's bead loom and my adult butt has been loving the crap out of it. I haven't quite figured out how to attach the beaded lovelies to say.. leather yet.. without it looking a bit weird. But, these are pretty on their own and can make nice pieces on their own merits.

Take for example, this little elephant book mark.
This little guy is based off a freely available cross stitch pattern.
He's a book mark for my other sister. He was originally going to be a bit longer with her soon to be born kid's name at the end. But.. then she kept changing the kids name... so I finished the piece as is.
The loom string is 100% cotton tatting thread or very fine crochet thread. It's not regular sewing thread.
And, since it is a Friday the 13th my chart themes have to do with protection and good luck. Lucky you, right?

The great thing about charts is that they are craft blind. For the most part you can use them in the craft of your choice... being it knitting, beadwork, cross stitch, paint by dots...

I used a knit program to chart these guys. So, you will note the auto-created key makes that clear. I used red on white as traditionally rune work done as charm was done in blood...or at least red ink.  The best online source for rune knowledge is probably HERE...just don't let him/her know I still keep the blank rune in my bag. ;)
Anyways, here ya go.
The complete charted Algiz rune. This is exactly what I made for my sister.

A traditional version of a good luck bindrune. It looks to contain Gebo and Fehu. 

And lastly. The Grand Daddy of the Good Luck/Drive away the Bad Stuff Bindrune. It charts as sizable.. I think it would make a nice peice to frame for the home in any craft.

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