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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Silken Sewn Scarf. Also. Cats. Where they do not belong.

It lies.. looking so simple..
I have managed my first project with silky silk that I actually cared what it really looked it.

Before most of my projects (with silk) were small or the seams were easy to hide. Or, the kind of silk was rougher AKA simpler to work with.

Not this gal! After carefully reclaiming the silk from an older and way too large shirt I set to make myself a nice scarf for summer. I wanted to be able to tie it around my head to keep the sun off. And.. the seams would have to show. Since it is a scarf, you see.

At first I was going to just roll the edges. My machine has a roller foot. But then.. there was no roller foot to be found. I lost my roller foot!??! (I found it halfway through this project. Gah.)

OK. Internet tells me I can 'wrap' the seams for a nice smooth look with silk. OK. The instructions called for a steaming clothes iron. I don't even have a regular clothes iron!!! I hate irons so I don't have one. It was a running joke with my mother that sometime this would haunt me.

But I am going to do this. Hell or high water. I'm not a beginning seamstress.. more like a skilled amateur. This is JUST a big square! With little rectangles sewn on! Easy! Super easy! I mean.. I can make actual clothes!

And 4 hours later I had a scarf. It took me that long to sew up all those seams.. holding them carefully make sure nothing was bunched, everything was flat and the finished piece would look nice.. and seeing as silk migrates even if you pin that shiesse down.. it was even more fun. Fun I say.

BAH. I have enough silk from other too big shirts for a few more scarves... guess who is getting an iron. Any iron. My mom is probably laughing at me from somewhere.

And this didn't make sewing any easier either. Cats!

First Mac kept trying to steal the pile of fabric I was sorting.
 At least he was sleepy though.

And then the other one, Zar just had to supervise up close and personal.
Cats. Gotta love them. Or make them into cute furry hats.. one or the other.

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