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Friday, March 1, 2013

Fleece Slips for Warmth! Whee!!!

It was a really cold winter here. As in the cold came and the cold stayed. Hell, it's barely above freezing right now as I type. Cold. Blech. Time for spring. But first let me share just how I did not freeze my buns off.

Flannel and fleece slips and skirt linings. Really.

This is a fitted knee length fleece slip with back kick flap.
You see, I generally wear skirts because I have the damnedest time finding jeans that fit comfortably. I was spoiled by all the lovely loose fitting jeans of my youth.. my bits will have nothing to do with these slim fit things of nowadays. And I'm hippy. In both ways. I smell of nag champa and have junk in the trunk. Skirts just work better for me.

But many are COLD and DRAFTY. So this was born of a 5 dollar for two fleece blankets deal I had wrapped up in the closet. I used Simplicity 2917, took the skirt and made it a bit on the smaller side and at the petite length. Instead of a zipper I sewed in a U shape opening with elastic to hold it up. I made all darts and trimmed the fabric close. The waist band is just a bit of blanket folded and sewn over the top edge to avoid too much bulk. I used the blankets own hem for the bottom. Under a loose fitting longer skirt or dress you cannot see this at all. And you shall have a warm butt.

I loved it so much that I even made a regular skirt of the stuff from another fleece blanket that is actually just a skirt for normal wear. Different pattern.. and a front slit.. and long.. but same idea. Nice soft warm fleece for the neather regions. I'm wearing it right now.. I like my butt warm, thank you.

And next post.. how to line a skirt with flannel!

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